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As the grower, we know it is important to understand our end users and keep a pulse on the fast changing preferences of our consumer. Below is some current data on industry and consumer trends. Visit often for updates and new information!
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Tuscan Tender Leaves'
dark leaf components are an excellent source of vitamin D, promoting bone strength


has 4x the recommended daily amount of vitamin C in just one head!2


Brussels Sprouts
have been found to help stave off health issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease & diabetes

Restaurant Industry Trends

Vegan cuisine continues to be among the most popular requests for restaurant-goers4

Chefs are predicting sustainable, vegetable-forward menus will be more prevalent in 20225

Kitchen automation & streamlined kitchens are a top priority - our value added offerings can help

What are people craving?

Plant-based seafood is starting to emerge across menus as people continue to search for vegan alternatives to staple favorites6

Green Goddess & Caesar salad dressings are making a comeback. Our Tender Leaf & Fresh Cut offerings can help5

Salad mixes are among The Packer's top 10 vegetables7
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