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Urban Blend >
contains chard which has your required daily dose of vitamin K, and is a great source of vitamin A and magnesium


Bell Peppers >
are full of antioxidants that may help reduce inflammation, decrease cancer risk & protect cholesterol and fats in your body


Green Leaf Lettuce >
is the perfect leafy green for increasing bone strength, keeping you hydrated, and improving vision

Restaurant Industry Trends

Feeladelphia by Philadelphia is introducing a dining concept where people order feelings, not  food. The chef whips up an multisensorial meal to match the emotions!1

Bill averages are increasing as restaurants expand their brunch cocktail offerings. Consumers are eager to try innovative new drinks to relax during a Sunday morning meal!2

Kitchen automation & streamlined kitchens are a top priority - our value added offerings can help

What are people craving?

Vegan cereal is tackling the food waste crisis! There seem to be no limits with what the food industry is doing with plant-based options3

Blue Apron Market is changing the way we grocery shop with their one-off meal kit product offerings4

Pop culture setting trends yet again! The release of "The Bear" on Hulu has made people crave its featured Italian Beef sandwich, a Chicago classic. you're a midwesterner then you'll know what the craze is all about!5
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Image courtesy of Blue Apron

Menu & Consumer Insights

As the grower, we know it is important to understand our end users and keep a pulse on the fast changing preferences of the consumer. We do the research so you don't have to!
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