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Convenience Veggies

Broccoli Florets

Our Broccoli Florets are cut, washed and ready to enjoy straight out of the bag. Steam or microwave for a quick side dish or experiment with one of our recipes provided on the pack. From our family to yours, enjoy!

12oz & 32oz | Non-GMO

Cauliflower Florets

Cut & ready to enjoy this is the perfect addition to your fridge for a quick & easy meal prep! Try out our on pack recipes for a delicious new meal.

10oz | Non-GMO

Vegetable Medley

A colorful mix of veggies, our Vegetable Medley makes cooking easier than ever! Steam in pack or try one of our recipes on the back to explore new and unique flavors.

12oz & 32oz | Non-GMO

Broccoli Slaw

Need something new to throw on your tacos? Look no further! Our washed a pre-cut Broccoli Slaw will bring a pop of flavor to your plate. No prepping, cutting, or washing needed!

12oz | Non-GMO

Broccoli & Cauliflower

Our Broccoli & Cauliflower is the mix you need for throwing onto your stir fry! Simply steam or cook to add some healthy veggies to your meal!

12oz | Non-GMO

Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower Rice is the perfect healthy substitute for grains and carbs! Washed and ready to enjoy, this veggie is an excellent source of calcium & potassium.

12oz | Non-GMO

Fried Rice

Cauliflower Fried Rice is washed & ready for you to enjoy in your stir fries, steamed & seasoned as a side dish, or as a substitute for grains and carbs!

12oz | Non-GMO

Baby Spinach

Load up on this super green! Conveniently washed and ready to enjoy, our Baby Spinach is perfect for adding a healthy green to your diet.

6oz & 10oz | Non-GMO

Brussels Sprouts Whole

If you're looking for a new & healthy veggie to add to your lineup this is the one you need! Brussels Sprouts are full of nutrients and pair well with your favorite ingredients like bacon & Parmesan cheese!

12oz & 32oz Non-GMO

Brussels Sprouts Halved

Our washed & ready to enjoy halved Brussels Sprouts are the perfect way to enjoy this nutritious veggie without all the prep time. Microwave in bag or try out our delicious recipes provided on pack!

12oz | Non-GMO

Brussels Sprouts Shaved

Our shaved Brussels Sprouts are washed & ready to enjoy. Add some flair to your plate with this product!

12oz | Non-GMO

Brussels Sprouts Whole Vexar

Our Green Giant Fresh brand of whole Brussels Sprouts is packed in a breathable mesh bag to help keep your product fresh before use.

16oz | Non-GMO

Ready Sides

Caramelized Onion & Bacon

This hearty side dish is made with fresh cut cauliflower and a flavorful sauce. At just 70 calories this is the perfect healthy swap for mac & cheese. Simply microwave and enjoy!

8oz | Zero Prep | Zero Mess
Microwaves in just 3 minutes!

Homestyle Buttery Garlic

Try this comforting side dish with fresh cut broccoli & a delicious savory sauce. Skip the prep for dinner & add this to your entrée!

8oz | Zero Prep | Zero Mess
Microwaves in just 3 minutes!

Savory Italian Herb

A blend of fresh cut cauliflower, broccoli, and carrot, this side dish has a tangy herb sauce that pairs well with proteins and carbs. Save time making dinner with this product!

8oz | Zero Prep | Zero Mess
Microwaves in just 3 minutes!

Zero Prep | Zero Mess

Each unique side of fresh cut veggies has a seasoned butter sauce, delivering undeniable flavor.

Specialty Lettuce

Washed & Trimmed Romaine

Whole Leaf Romaine lettuce is washed & trimmed to the perfect size for your sandwich or burger bun. These crisp leaves give just the right amount of crunch to your wraps, salads & sandwiches.

7oz | Non-GMO | Equivalent to 1 whole head

Washed & Trimmed
Green Leaf

Whole Leaf Green Leaf lettuce is washed & trimmed to the perfect size for your sandwich or burger bun. The frilly green leaves add a smooth texture to your bite.

7oz | Non-GMO | Equivalent to 1 whole head

Little Gem Lettuce

Little Gem is a cross between Butter & Romaine lettuces, offering a distinctive sweet flavor with a unique buttery texture. These compact heads are great for grilling, as wedge salads, or simply enjoyed with a dip!

4ct | Non-GMO

Fresh Field Harvest

Church Brothers Farms Brand


Our whole head Broccoli is packed in the field for freshness! Load up on Vitamin C with this veggie!

1 whole head | Non-GMO


This staple veggie is perfect for steaming, throwing into your soups, or even grilling up!

1 whole head | Non-GMO

Red Cabbage

Red Cabbage is perfect for making salads, slaws, and even sautés!

1 whole head | Non-GMO

Iceberg Lettuce

A crisp green leaf to use for your wraps and burgers, Iceberg Lettuce never misses! Try it for its sweet flavor and crunch.

1 whole head & 2ct | Non-GMO

Romaine Hearts

Trimmed back to the compact, crisp core, Romaine Hearts give you an ideal salad item for a classic Caesar.

3 hearts | Non-GMO


This fresh veggie is a must-have for garnishing your tacos, salads, or just eating whole as a snack!

Bunch | Non-GMO

Green Giant Fresh Brand


With its frilly leaves and firm core in the middle, Romaine lettuce is a staple for your fridge. Use it for fan-favorite salads!

1 whole head | Non-GMO

Green Leaf Lettuce

Green Leaf lettuce is full of vitamins and nutrients that will leave you craving more! Its smooth and frilly texture makes for a perfect salad base.

1 whole head | Non-GMO

Red Leaf Lettuce

Throw some color into your salad or sandwich! Frilly, smooth leaves are just what you need in your greens!

1 whole head | Non-GMO

Green Onions

Packed fresh, our Green Onions are a must-have in your fridge's veggie drawer for an extra crunch on salads, soups, enchiladas, and omelets!

5.5oz | Non-GMO


Add our celery to your veggie tray with your favorite dip. America's favorite peanut butter snack!

1 celery stalk | Non-GMO

Celery Hearts

This great source of Vitamin A trims back the outer layer of a Celery stalk, meaning you're left with the tender, sweeter part of it!

16oz | Non-GMO