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Part of the appeal of Church Brothers Produce and True Leaf Farms is not just the commitment to quality and service, but the sense of history and family that prevails throughout the company. The reassuring sense of being part of a family unit and working as a team generates a unified and goal-oriented group, whose whole is greater than its parts.





Church Brothers is a family owned and operated business and that sense of family extends not just to the actual family members, but to each and every employee within the company.

Tom and Steve Church are at their desks first thing every morning and continue working long after everyone has gone home. They learned the value of hard work and commitment at an early age. They began their produce careers during high school, in the packing sheds of the Bruce Church Company. They remember the importance of starting from the ground floor and realize the value of every employee contribution, big or small. Their open door policy and willingness to reward those who work hard have cultivated a loyal employee base, many of whom have followed Tom and Steve throughout their careers.

Fair mindedness, a hard work ethic, and the roll up your sleeves and get down to business dedication have been the cornerstone for Church Brothers Produce. Tom and Steve have passed these qualities on to the next generation to ensure that Church Brothers continues to prosper for generations to come.

The next set of leaders emerges in the Church family through Jeff Church, Brian Church, Chuck Church, Tom Bramers, and Megan Chedwick. Jeff, son of Tom Church, is in our sales department, successfully handling both customers and commodities as one of our lead Salesmen and Commodity Manager. Brian, son of Tom Church, is hard at work in the field, managing the grower relations and harvesting aspects of Church Brothers. Chuck Church, son of Steve Church works in the marketing department. Tom Bramers, Nephew of Tom & Steve manages the Romaine program and is a member of the Church Brothers sales department. Megan, step-daughter of Steve Church, has stepped up in coordinating our Food Safety initiatives, ensuring Church Brothers and True Leaf maintain the most modern and effective food safety programs in both the field and the plant.

On the True Leaf side, David Gill has paved the way as both a respected and innovative grower and processor. He uses his experience and expertise to partner with the Church Brothers to create a fine tuned and efficient operation. Growing up in a South County farming operation, David Gill was born to farm. He learned first hand from his father, Alan, and has since passed on his skill for management and productivity to True Leaf Farms and their team.

With hands on contact in every aspect of the business, the Church and Gill families make themselves personally responsible and accountable for the success of Church Brothers and True Leaf Farms. This dedication serves as an inspiration to all those who work with them and to the industry as a whole.


Sales & Main Office

19065 Portola Drive
Salinas, CA 93908

Processing Plant

1275 San Justo Road
San Juan Bautista, CA 95045

Processing Plant (Winter Season)

2955 S Avenue 2½ E
Yuma, AZ 85365


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