Packaging Machine Operator

Packaging Machine Operator

Department: Production

Reports to: Production Manager

Summary: Tends machine that performs one or more packaging functions such as filling, marking, labeling, banding, tying, packing, or wrapping containers by performing the following duties.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:

1. Starts machine and observes operation to detect malfunctions of machine.

2. Stops machine and reports malfunction to supervisor.

3. Makes minor adjustments or repairs such as opening valves, changing forming and cutting dies, setting guides, or clearing away damaged product bags.

4. Inspects filled container to ensure that product is packaged according to specifications.

5. Replenishes packaging supplies such as plastic film.

6. Mounts supplies on spindles or places supplies in hopper or other feeding devices.

7. Attaches information on container such as lot number or product number etc.

8. Moves controls on machine to adjust temperature, pressure, and time cycle.

9. Loads feeding mechanism with rolls of plastic material.

10. Verify correct and complete labeling being printed.


Education and/or Experience

Required: 1 year or more experience in Packaging Machine Operating within a produce processing plant or related manufacturer.


Other Skills and Abilities

  • Team player who will exceed assigned responsibilities and assist others to reach objectives
  • Native intellectual curiosity and mental stamina
  • Willingness and ability to work occasional long and sometimes irregular hours including working night shifts, weekends and holiday hours.


Other Qualifications

  • Able to travel/relocate to and from Yuma, AZ as required


Work Environment

While performing the duties of this Job, the employee is exposed to a cold (34-36 degrees F) and wet manufacturing environment, the smell of chlorine and ammonia, outside weather conditions, uneven walking surfaces, heavy machinery, forklift traffic and loud noise.


Physical Job Description

Job Title: 
Typical Working Conditions:
(Describe environment including exposure to heat, cold, fumes, chemicals, allergens, mold, etc.)

Típicas Condiciones de Trabajo
( Describe ambiente incluyendo,
expuesto a caliente, frió, químicos ,
alergénicos, etc.

Cold working environment – between 34-40 degrees Fahrenheit, working in wet condition. Minimum exposure to bleach and ammonia fumes.

Ambiente frió temperaturas entre 34 a 40 grados Fahrenheit, trabajando en condiciones húmedas con un mínimo de exposición al cloro y amoniaco.

Equipment Used:
(List all manual and automated equipment used in the course of performing essential functions.)

Equipo que utilice:
( Lista de todos los equipos manuales y automáticos que utilizaras en el transcurso se su día de trabajo)

Plastic sleeves, plastic apron, bump cap, hair net, back support, smock, gloves, and overshoes and if necessary coveralls.

Mangas de plástico, mandil de plástico, mallas para el pelo, faja (solo si necesario), bata, guantes, sobre-zapato (solo si no se tiene zapatos diseñados para trabajar en pisos resbalosos) y si es necesario deberán usar overol).




Descripción de trabajo


Análisis de demandas físicas

Clave (Basada en la semana típica):
N = Nunca
R = Raramente (Menos de 1ª hora por semana)
O = Ocasional (1%-33% del tiempo)
F = Frecuente (34%-66% del tiempo)
C = Constante (mas de 66% del tiempo)


Menos de 10 lb.    X
11-20 lb.    X
21-50 lb.    X
51-100 lb. X   
Más de 100 lb.X    
Menos de 10 lb.    X
11-20 lb.    X
21-50 lb.    X
51-100 lb.    X
Más de 100 lb.    X
Transmisión automáticaX    
Transmisión estándarX    
Computadora/Calculadora X   
Uso de dedos (dexteridad detallada)    X
Uso de manos (agarrar, detener)    X
Movimiento repetitivo - Manos    X
Movimiento repetitivo - Pies    X


Alcanzar sobre el nivel del hombro    X
Alcanzar sobre el nivel de la cabeza    X
Alcanzar hacia fuera del cuerpo    X
De rodillasX    
Cuclillas X   
Caminar – Superficie normal    X
Caminar – Superficie disparejaX    
Caminar – Superficie resbalosa    X
Pararse    X
Doblarse    X


Sales & Main Office

19065 Portola Drive
Salinas, CA 93908

Processing Plant

1275 San Justo Road
San Juan Bautista, CA 95045

Processing Plant (Winter Season)

2955 S Avenue 2½ E
Yuma, AZ 85365


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