Food Safety

Farm Approval

  • Pre Season Risk Assessment

  • Documentation Review- Grower GAPs, Land History, Adjacent Land Use, Water Source & test results, Soil Inputs, Letter of Guarantee, etc.

  • Compliance against FSMA, LGMA metrics & customer requirements

  • Implemented corrective actions/buffers if needed

Planting & Growing Compliance

  • Continual ranch monitoring & verification of implemented GAPs- Animal activity/intrusion, changes in adjacent land use, review of monthly irrigation water test results, etc.

  • Completion of an annual 3rd Party GFSI Ranch Audit

  • Pre Harvest Risk Assessment (approx 4-7 days prior to harvest)

  • Pre Harvest Pathogen Testing for Leafy Greens (Salmonella & E.Coli 0157:H7)

Harvest Surveillance

  • Daily Harvest Risk Assessment to include a thorough review of the area to be harvested for any animal hazards/intrusion

  • Verification of implemented GAPs/GHPs (ex. employee hygiene, equipment/harvest tool sanitation, properly stocked restrooms, etc.)

  • Continual foreman/employee training on food safety topics such as animal hazards, employee hygiene, proper hand washing, equipment sanitation, reporting of any suspicious activity or individuals, etc.

  • Annual 3rd Party Harvest Crew Audits

  • Traceability- All loads are identified with a unique block ID which establishes the grower, ranch & lot. Traceability stickers also include the harvest date and crew

Harvest Transportation & Cooling Monitoring

  • Monitoring of cut to cool times

  • Traceability of product leaving the field & verified upon receipt at the cooler

  • Cleanliness of trucks

  • Employee hygiene programs

  • Monitoring of cooling process

  • Sanitation of cooling tubes

Value Added Process Preventative Control

  • GFSI Processing Plant

  • Comprehensive Sanitation Program

  • Advanced Automated Processing Lines

  • Continuous Process Monitoring

  • Advanced pH Control

Shipping & Distribution Oversight

  • Traceability- Data is electronically recorded with regards to products being shipped on each order

  • Monitoring of temperatures

  • Cleanliness of trucks

  • 3rd Party Facility Audits

  • Employee hygiene programs


  • Internally generated block ID for each planting (identified Grower, Ranch, Lot, Variety & acres). This block ID is applied in the field and follows the product all the way through receiving, cooling, processing & shipping

  • PTI

  • Mock Recalls

  • iCiX

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